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Frequently Asked Questions: 

How do I schedule a class?

When you're ready to schedule a class, please complete the online registration form on the Schedule Class page.  The online form includes our pre-class shooter experience and goals assessment section, which is designed to help us tailor our instruction plans to address specific skill areas of interest, and maximize improvements at any ability level.
Once we receive your registration information, we will follow-up with an e-mail to confirm the date and time of the class.

What is the payment process?

When you've decided on the training options that are right for you, you can click on the respective Add to Cart button(s) that appear below each option description on the Competition Training and Skill Training pages.  This will add your selections to a PayPal cart, where you can securely enter your credit card or account information and checkout. (Please note, you do NOT need a PayPal account to use this option.)
Alternatively, you can make out a personal/bank check (or money order) to DVC Performance LLC, and send it to us at the address we provide with the e-mail following-up your online registration.

Payment should be sent promptly upon online registration, and received no later than one week prior to the scheduled date of the class.  Once payment is finalized, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a copy of your invoice to advise that your registration is complete.

Is it possible to extended the length of time of a class?

Yes, DVC Performance provides the option to extend any of our class offerings via the + Extend Class at a Discounted Rate selection (available at the bottom of the Competition Training and Skill Training pages).  Time flies when you're having fun - especially on the range - so it may be best to factor-in a little extra time in advance...  But in the event that you decide you want to extend class time after you're already on the range, we can do that too.  And for your convenience, we can now accommodate credit card payments for your class extension right at the range.

Where will the training class be held?

DVC Performance has access to pistol, shotgun, and long range rifle facilities in Northern New Jersey and Northeastern Pennsylvania.  Alternatively, the DVC Performance training team can come to you if you're a member of a shooting range with facilities appropriate for the format of the class you select.


What should I bring with me to my training class?

In addition to the firearm(s) you'll be using for the class, please be sure to stock your range bag with the following essentials:

  Plenty of ammunition (For the competition training classes and hourly instruction, expect
      to shoot up to 100 rounds per hour.  50 rounds should be enough for all other classes)
Eye and ear protection; footwear appropriate for athletic movement
  •  Ammunition magazines for your firearm - for competition training, the more the better
  •  A sturdy belt with a safe/secure holster and magazine pouches

  •  Any tools or parts you may need to adjust, service or maintain your firearm, optics and gear

  •  A notebook and pen/pencil for jotting down information

  •  Miscellaneous other recommended accessories include bottled water, towel, sunblock, etc.

Will I need to bring my own targets, stands or any other shooting array materials?

No, DVC Performance will provide these.  We have a full complement of targets, stands, steel plates, and shooting array props to provide the best training scenario for each class format.
Can you accommodate large groups?

Yes, DVC Performance can accommodate larger groups of 5 to 10+ people.  Please contact us at info@DVCperformance.com for more information on discounted pricing and scheduling options.

Does DVC Performance offer NRA Training Courses?

Yes, the lead instructor at DVC Performance is a certified NRA Pistol Instructor.  DVC Performance can conduct NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Courses and NRA FIRST Steps Pistol Orientation.  Please contact us at info@DVCperformance.com for more information about setting up an NRA Course. (Please note, all other courses offered by DVC Performance are not NRA-affiliated courses.)

What happens if there's bad weather forecast for class day?

It's best to shoot outdoors under clear skies and natural light, but sometimes mother nature does not accommodate.  In the event of rain/snow, etc, some classes can still be held outdoors if so desired.  Other classes can be moved to our indoor facility, while some classes will need to be rescheduled.  DVC Performance is flexible in this regard, and will work with you to determine the best solution to make for an enjoyable training experience.

What is the rescheduling/cancellation policy?

DVC Performance understands that situations arise which may preempt a scheduled class.  When this happens, we will be happy to accommodate rescheduling the class.  In the event that rescheduling is not feasible and you need to cancel the class, we will refund your payment 100% up until one week before the scheduled class date.  Between one week and the day before the scheduled class date, 75% of your payment will be refunded.

Can you suggest some online resources for more information on the shooting sports, as well as some trusted vendors who sell the best firearms and gear?


www.USPSA.org - United States Practical Shooting Association, the preeminent practical shooting organization in the US
www.3gunNation.com - news and information about the sport of 3-Gun and the 3-Gun Nation tournament series
www.SteelChallenge.com - the world's foremost high-speed static steel shooting organization
www.WorldClassSteel.org - an alternative to Steel challenge with both static and knock-down steel formats
www.IDPA.com - International Defensive Pistol Association, a more self defense-styled practical shooting organization
www.Shongum.org - Shongum Sportsmen's Association, Northern NJ shooting facility with monthly USPSA matches

www.OBcats.com - Old Bridge Rifle and Pistol Club, Central NJ shooting facility with monthly USPSA matches
www.ToptonFGA.org - Topton Fish and Game Association, Eastern PA shooting facility with monthly 3-gun matches
www.CKarms.com - the ultimate in custom-built firearms at an affordable price
www.DiabloRifleworks.com - your one-stop shop for the finest custom rifles, components and gunsmithing work available

Do you have any reviews providing testimonial to DVC Performance firearms training classes?

Anthony M - millsan1/2013/09/dvc-performance-firearms-training-review

Please check back for updates to this section, including reviews from DVC Performance clients,
as well as photos and videos from training classes.