DVC Performance

High-performance Firearms Training   

"DILIGENTIA VIS CELERITAS" ... "Accuracy Power Speed"

Focused Skill Training Classes and Tutorial Sessions

DVC Performance offers hourly skill training classes, as well as discounted classes for new shooters.
We can arrange a class for any hourly interval to focus on the skills you'd most like to improve upon.  Or, for new shooters / first time firearm owners, we offer discounted instruction
to ensure that you get off to the right start in safely enjoying the shooting sports.

  HT-01:  Hourly Training: (1st hour + discounted additional hours)
  • Hourly rate training classes are available to provide maximum flexibility
  • Class length and scope of shooting skill instruction are fully customizable
  • After first hour, additional class time is discounted (see Extended Class Time at a Discounted Rate  below)
Hourly Training

  NT-01:  New Shooter/Basic Firearms Safety Training: (1 hour)
  • Safe gun handling and range safety rules; function and application of specific firearms and ammunition
  • Shooting fundamentals, including grip, stance, sight alignment, and trigger control
  • Basics of disassembling and cleaning/caring for your firearm
New Shooter Training

By request, 
DVC Performance now offers specialized tutorial sessions to help you get on target!
We have the tools to help you determine your firearms' ballistic potential, and the expertise to help you achieve and maintain a precise zero for any application.

  SS-01:  Rifle/Pistol Sight-In and Chrono Session: (1½ hours)

  • Determine and achieve a precise point of impact (POI) zero for your firearm that is best suited to your specific application
  • Measure ammunition muzzle velocities to determine projectile power factor, calculate trajectories, etc.
  • After completion of the session, DVC Performance will create a customized data sheet detailing your ammunition specs  and firearm zero information, and send the detailed report to you for future reference
Sight-In and Chrono Session

  SS-02:  Advanced Optics Session - First Shot Hits at Any Range: (2½ hours)

  • Chronograph session, complete with detailed print-out of ammunition specs
  • Zero your optic and learn to make precise adjustments to POI to quickly re-zero at any range
  • Determine key ballistic reticle hold-over points to achieve first shot hits at any range
  • After completion of the session, DVC Performance will create and send you a laminated, business card-size customized "range card" to provide you with key quick reference data for your specific rifle/optic
Advanced Optics Session

  Extended Class Time at a Discounted Rate:  (per hour)

  • Extend Hourly / Basic Training Classes and Specialized Sessions to refine skills at a discounted rate!
  • Number of hours to extend class/session can be set by updating quantity in cart
Extend Class Time (per hour)

DVC Performance offers discounted group class rates, as well as
10% discounts to Active-Duty Military and Law Enforcement